Sleek. Seamless. Shareable.

StudioBooth Solo packs all of the high-quality features of our other unique activations into a sleek tablet-powered experience. Guests create photos, GIFs and videos all from a touchscreen interface, and share instantly.



design & versatility.png

design & versatility 

Solo is designed to be beautiful and functional, with durable aluminum housing and LED hex-ring lighting. Its compact footprint allows for wall-mounting, stand-mounting or handheld shooting, so no matter your event size, Solo fits in perfectly.


Social Sharing

Instantly share images to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Email and SMS.


touch interface

Solo’s intuitive touchscreen interface makes engagement a snap. 


brand integration

Solo offers limitless customization for branded images, social messaging and even the unit itself, giving you complete control for maximum impact with your audience.


analytics & backend

Sophisticated backend controls give you the power to adjust all of your branding, messaging and settings remotely, while robust analytics allow you to track everything your guests share in real-time.

custom applications.png

custom applications

The Solo App can be integrated into retail applications, mobile tours, creative activations and more. For more ideas on how to make Solo work for you, get in touch and we’ll get brainstorming.