Mercedes-Benz - New York, NY

Mercedes-Benz threw a special event during the New York Auto Show and wanted to make a lasting impression on guests. We thought what better way to leave an impression than by setting up a Multiple Exposure Booth. Partygoers chose from a variety of landscape images and then stepped in for a portrait. StudioBooth worked it’s magic and the result was an exotic blend of people and nature.

Dos XX - Los Angeles, Phoenix & Albuquerque

In case you haven’t heard, The Most Interesting Man in the World embarked on his greatest journey yet, a one-way trip to Mars. To celebrate all that he’s done for Dos XX (and mankind!), we hit the road to bring the mystique of the man and the beer to the people. It was a StudioBooth double whammy as we had a GIF Booth that transported guests to Mars in search of the Mr. Interesting himself and another Booth that included exotic animals and a set that would make him proud.

JBL x Coachella - Palm Springs, CA

StudioBooth collaborated with JBL on another Coachella activation that had us getting down for two weekends of music, art and some Terry Richardson-inspired photos. Palm Springs can get toasty, so JBL set up an air conditioned tent in the VIP area for guests to cool off. We added a booth that captured the Coachella characters and added a variety of borders to the polaroid-style pics, perfect for Instagram sharing!

Converse x SXSW Fader Fort - Austin, TX

SXSW marks the beginning of the music festival season and as always, we headed to Austin for a little collaboration with Converse at The Fader Fort. This year we set up a full length GIF Booth in a square format perfect for Instagraming. Converse just dropped the Chuck II’s with reflective camo, so we created a blacked-out reflective room that people didn’t get to see until after the flash popped. We bid farewell to Austin with heavy hearts after such a fun week. Thankfully Coachella is just around the corner where we’ve got big things in store for both weekends.