Absolut at Coachella - Indio, CA

We headed out to the desert for another year at Coachella. This time we had a giant kaleidoscope in tow for something special with Absolut. We set up our magic mirrors and created an enormous Kaleidoscopic GIF Booth that was as much of an art installation as it was a photo activation. Guests stepped out of the heat and into another dimension as things got trippy during our two weekends of mirrored madness.

Converse vs FADER - Austin, TX

We’ve done a lot of great activations with Converse in the FADER Fort at SXSW, (Here’s a link to one of the best from year’s past), but this year may take the cake. Converse’s newly released Made By You campaign has become one of their most popular, so we had a studio built to photograph people’s Chucks and create their own ad based off of the campaign posters. There’s some die hard Converse fans out there and everyone’s kicks got the royal treatment. For those who made it back to the VIP lounge, we had a video booth based off Andy Warhol’s screen tests of the 60’s. The video clips capture the shoes, the attitude and the face behind them.

Neiman Marcus Slow Motion - Austin, TX

How many tacos are too much? StudioBooth put that question to the test during our recent trip down to Austin for SXSW. Breakfast tacos, lunch tacos, afternoon snacks, chips and guac… our conclusion? When in Austin never enough. In between delicious bites we debuted our latest innovation: StudioBooth Slow Motion. Shooting in cinema quality slow-mo, our new system captures all of the action in extraordinary high-resolution. For three days, we had a never-ending line at the Neiman Marcus house, the end results are magical videos that set the bar.

Converse Made By You - New York, NY

The Converse Made By You campaign is one of their biggest in years, with ads posted everywhere. The distinguishing, crisp photographs show Chuck Taylors worn by artists, musicians and the everyman. Converse wanted to duplicate these ads onsite and asked us to develop a system that would make that possible. We couldn’t be happier with the final images! We matched the campaign down to the signature. A person can come to the Booth, hand over their Chucks and within 5 minutes get their Converse featured in their very own Made By You ad, John Hancock and all. We kicked off the launch at New York’s Soho store and are now heading to SXSW to bring the Made By You magic to the FADER Fort. For those in Austin, come through! This Spring we’ll be bringing the Converse Booth to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston so look out for upcoming dates.

Dos XX & Tecate - New Orleans, LA

Our friends over at Mirroball agency brought us down to The Big Easy this past week for the National Distributors Conference, where we collaborated on two complex photo sets for Dos XX and Tecate. The sets provided a stage for guests to take over and get the full StudioBooth treatment. The extra bonus??? - we were able to get our fill of po' boys and fried oysters while down in the delta!

Converse Made By You - Los Angeles, CA

We set up a month-long Video Booth for Converse at their Made By You experience in Los Angeles. The invitation-only pop-up gallery is a project curated by The Style Guy Glenn O'Brien. Converse wanted something unique that would highlight the individuality of people and their sneakers. We developed a screen test that is based off of those that Andy Warhol made famous in the ‘60s. The result, a clip that shows off Converse and the faces behind them.

JackThreads x Westbrook Frames - New York, NY

As Fashion Week and the NBA All Star Weekend took over New York City, we found ourselves at a party that brought everyone together. The Green Screen GIF Booth was going off in Soho for the JackThreads x Westbrook Frames launch. The sunglasses, which are the brainchild of Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook kept everyone looking fresh as the fashionable and sporty celebrated in style.

Asics Tiger - Brooklyn, NY

We’re always looking to step up the GIF game. Let’s face it, as fun as they are, the typical GIF Booth just doesn’t cut it these days. When Asics asked us to come up with something for their Tiger relaunch in Brooklyn, our creative juices started flowing. We decided to work the sneakers into the mix in a hip, psychedelic fashion that matches their upcoming ad campaign. The results … WILD and RARE.