Dos Equis Masquerade - Fall Tour

StudioBooth got weird with Dos Equis for their Fall Masquerade Tour, bringing the freak factor from New York to LA. After the success of this summer’s Bazaar Noir Tour, StudioBooth and Dos Equis barely took a break before hitting the road again. It was more of the same fun with good beer, strange photos and the most interesting people in the world. Guests in LA got an extra special treat after we built a set that included a couple of models in full body paint!

HBO Boardwalk Empire - New York, NY

We are proud to announce our latest creation, StudioBooth Video! What better place to unveil our Video Booth than at the premiere party for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. We’re revolutionizing the way photo booth’s create imagery and connect brands with their clients. Guests record short video clips, which can be emailed and uploaded through the StudioBooth App to Facebook and Twitter. In addition to digitally sharing their video, they receive a print out of one of the frames! We went all out for the premiere, building an actual speakeasy in legitimate Boardwalk fashion. Partygoers showed off their moves as they took to the stage while StudioBooth recorded the action!