Dos XX - Bazaar Noir Tour

StudioBooth just wrapped a two week Dos XX tour, which began in LA and took us across the country to Atlanta. Dos XX turned dark for their Bazaar Noir parties, serving culinary oddities like beaver tacos as the band laid down twisted tunes. Guests mingled with snake handlers and psychics in a bleak, carnival-like atmosphere. We had to keep things strange, so we created a Kaleidoscope Booth, turning people into darker versions of themselves.

HBO Game of Thrones - Las Vegas, NV

StudioBooth partnered again with HBO to bring Westeros to the people, this time in Sin City! Visitors took a break from the craps tables and buffets to try their luck at usurping the throne. The line remained steady for three days as we caught a cast of characters, including Stan Lee, the creator of so many characters we know and love.  In a city where the stakes are high, StudioBooth gave fans a surefire way to win!

StudioBooth at Puma PT3 - New York, NY

Every year StudioBooth joins our friends at  Puma for the table tennis tournament PT3.  This year we came out strong and brought our killer backspin with us!  Companies from New York’s creative community including Spotify, Vice, Refinery29 and Fader threw down at Sun West Studios. Teams competed for the title while showing off their moves, having a couple beers and talking quite a bit of smack!