Pepsi - Vail, CO

StudioBooth pulled out our longjohns and hit the mountain for a cold, but rocking Wilco concert hosted by Pepsi in Vail, Colorado.  We took to the great outdoors, green screen on hand, to bring a bit of photo booth love to the Rockies.  These mountain folks are well use to the cold, so it didn’t slow them down in the Booth.  Of course we had to get in some ski time ourselves… ride all day and rock all night!

Microsoft - New York & Los Angeles

For the next step in the evolution of our iPad App, which connects consumers and brands through social media, we’ve stepped it up and developed another version that provides the same sharing platform on Windows tablets. Who better to debut our latest accomplishment with than Microsoft?  Running StudioBooth on the brand spakin' new Surface tablets, we joined Microsoft for parties in New York and Los Angeles.  PC fans were ecstatic to get the first taste of the StudioBooth PC App.  Do it first and do it better!

Dos Equis - New York, NY

When The Most Interesting Man in the World wants a photo booth at his party, there’s only one crew to call… StudioBooth collaborated with NY’s Mirrorball agency to create the most interesting photo booth in the world for an absurd  Dos Equis blow-out at the Free Mason’s temple on Manhattan’s 24th St.  Among other things at the insane, and most-interesting masquerade party you could eat a scorpion sandwich, research Bigfoot, pet a live owl or get down to Diplo on the main stage.  StudioBooth created a booth in which two models in full bodypaint became the background.  A wise man once said, “I don’t always take photos, but when I do, I choose StudioBooth.”