Jeep & Free Press Fest - Houston, TX

The StudioBooth fam has been on an Instagram kick for quite some time.  When Jeep asked us to incorporate the social networking app into an activation for the Free Press Fest, we were already on board!  Concertgoers descended on downtown Houston to hear an ecelectic mix of acts, from The Flaming Lips and Willie Nelson to Snoop Dogg and Erykah Badu.  We set up at the Jeep obstacle course where roaming photographers captured all the action.  The photos were processed in an Instagram fashion and printed out for revelers to take home.  We also tracked the Instagram feed and when users tagged Jeep in their post, StudioBooth stepped in, printed out the image and pinned it to the photo wall.  You thought Instagram was only on your phone?  Not with StudioBooth!