Converse Made By You - New York, NY

The Converse Made By You campaign is one of their biggest in years, with ads posted everywhere. The distinguishing, crisp photographs show Chuck Taylors worn by artists, musicians and the everyman. Converse wanted to duplicate these ads onsite and asked us to develop a system that would make that possible. We couldn’t be happier with the final images! We matched the campaign down to the signature. A person can come to the Booth, hand over their Chucks and within 5 minutes get their Converse featured in their very own Made By You ad, John Hancock and all. We kicked off the launch at New York’s Soho store and are now heading to SXSW to bring the Made By You magic to the FADER Fort. For those in Austin, come through! This Spring we’ll be bringing the Converse Booth to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston so look out for upcoming dates.